Lay your patterns of scarcity to rest and embrace a life and legacy of bounty


Join Britta GreenViolet for a 7-week transformational live group coaching experience for humans who are ready to leave behind the beliefs and behaviors of "not enough" & step into a lifestyle and lasting mindset of true, radical abundance


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What do the following conundrums have in common?

  • Feeling like you never have enough time for all your beloved projects and tasks (and consistently struggling with and declaring this fact out loud)

  • Constantly comparing yourself to others (in looks, accomplishments, status, success) and worrying what others think about you

  • Living with a continuous battle inside you that somehow you are falling short of who you want to be (and who you sense you actually are, underneath all the judgment and self-criticism) 

The answer is SCARCITY.

A scarcity or “lack” mentality is at the root of all these challenges (and countless others that plague the modern day human being.

It shows up unnoticed, like a sneaky invasive plant in the garden... before we know it, it has taken over every corner of our yard, overgrown the garden beds, and is starting to climb the walls of the house and dismantle the foundation!

This is a perfect metaphor for SCARCITY.

We don’t always recognize it at its source...

but we feel and see its damaging effects on our well being, our peace of mind, our relationships and our ability to keep our hearts open during times of hardship.  


What would it feel like to shift from chronic “never enough” thinking (which affects your relationships, opportunities, bank account, belonging + self-worth) into a full-bodied knowing that there IS more than enough and you ARE more than enough?

The potential awaiting you on the other side of this transformation is no less than a life and a mind liberated from the false, fear-based notion that you must prove yourself worthy to simply exist.


I recognize this journey of release and renewal can feel daunting at best...

and in the worst case scenario, impossible to achieve.

I want you to know it’s actually simpler (and more pleasurable) than you think!

That’s what 'More Than Enough' is about.

It's time to upgrade your thoughts, your language (with yourself and others) and take embodied action to reflect the true bounty that is already yours.

What will you take a stand for?

Never enough?
or always plenty?

The choice, my friend, is yours.

You’re invited to this 7-week journey of
remembrance, renewal + radical belonging.

We begin on Tuesday, September 7th with 7 weeks of clear and playful guidance, including 5 x 90 minute live Group Classes, 2 x 90-minute live Creative Coaching Labs, a WhatsApp group for community support and accountability, and a guidebook to lead you, step by step, into a lasting legacy of abundant living. All gatherings happen live on Tuesday evenings 5-6:30pm PT, Sept 7th thru Oct 19th, 2021.

Week 1 — More Than Enough Time

Learn to walk the path of peaceful productivity. Unpack your current relationship with Time, and put to rest the victim mentality which blames Time for what you do or do not create space for in your life. Lean into a remembrance of gratitude and embrace an outlook of appreciation and presence for the freedom you always have to choose how to spend each and every moment of your life experience.

Week 2 — More Than Enough Prosperity

Step through the veil of fear and lack, which was passed down to you by society, your caregivers and the widespread delusion that overindulgence or under-indulgence are your only two choices. Cultivate mindfulness and healthy detachment around finances and possessions, while simultaneously learning to see from a lens of trust, devotion and bounty. Take clear, grounded action toward mindful money management and take heart from the fact that everything you now have, you once desired.

Week 3 — Creative Coaching Lab

These integrative creativity labs give you the space to apply your learnings into direct life experience and turn them into successful lifestyle hacks. These meetings will include Q+A, group coaching (where Britta guides you through sticky areas or lingering questions), and also an ‘open mic’ opportunity to explore the concepts of our classes through song, poetry, spoken word and embodiment. These Labs will be playful and give you a chance to weave your understanding of the syllabus and guidebook into your body, your language, your voice and your ability to creatively express these new perspectives. 

Week 4 — More Than Enough Opportunity

Activate the most magnetic version of yourself while allowing a new level of trust to seep into your consciousness. Align yourself (mind, body, heart and spirit) with a deep knowing that there will always be another glorious horizon of opportunity rising to meet you around every corner. Tackle toxic thoughts patterns such as FOMO (fear of missing out), “I’ll never have that again” and endless “what ifs” that keep you locked in a prison of regret and doubt. Stop wondering if you missed the boat, and take a stand in knowing that your ship will always come in!

Week 5 — More Than Enough Love

The hardest work of our lives is to live with an open heart. This is the greatest legacy we can create for ourselves and those around us. Explore what that truly means and looks like in love and relationships, romantic or otherwise. Identify your stories of lack around love; including abandonment, finding fault, not receiving enough attention or validation. Give yourself permission to plant seeds of compassion and forgiveness with those who modeled this behavior, while consciously digging into the wisdom of your heart and claiming your willingness to love and be loved. 

Week 6 — Creative Coaching Lab

Another round of our Lab, where we’ll create playful and curiosity-driven space for Q+A, group coaching, and creative expressions of voice, words, song, movement, writing and embodiment practices; all of which will serve to center and root our understanding of our syllabus and take the concepts from mere ideas to real-life practices, rituals and expressions of your emerging presence of “enoughness.”

Week 7 — I Am More Than Enough

The true legacy of your soul! Dive deeply into the divine well of your self-worth. Explore the edges of your ego and your humility as you courageously inhabit a new home of worthiness. This inheritance and self-knowing cannot be given or taken away by others, for it is as interwoven with your being as your beating heart. Dig up the old roots of ‘compare and despair’ thinking, lean into your imperfection, and embrace your ordinariness while celebrating your extraordinariness! 

You’re invited to redefine your understanding of “enough”, remembering that it actually includes everything you need.


There is no possible way you could be or have anything less.


This is a mindset that will change your quality of life and expand your capacity for joy for the rest of your days!

This is for you if

  • you are truly sick and tired of living from lack and hearing yourself say “there’s never enough time”, “there’s not enough for everyone”, “I’m not intelligent/attractive enough”, “I have to tone it down/dumb it down/settle in order to be accepted and successful.

  • you're willing to take action toward a new way of being, belonging and living the Life you know is more rich than your limited scope has led you to believe.
  • you’re ready to adjust your language, positioning and mindset in your life, and take a stand for the world you long to see and co-create on Planet Earth.

This is for my revolutionaries at heart! 
This is bigger than you — go beyond yourself.

This is the legacy of all your ancestors before you, and the greatest gift you could leave for those who come after you.


Awaken your inner activist in service of claiming that you belong to a life where you know, beyond all doubt, that you (and therefore, all of us) are indeed enough.

This is not for you if 

  • you feel unwilling to take action or make real-life adjustments to how you talk to yourself and others.

  • you're unable to stop arguing for your limitations.

  • you honestly doubt your ability and motivation to release the belief that you are less than anyone else.

You don’t have to know how this seeming miraculous shift will occur.

All you need is to be truly willing to devote yourself to the legacy and the remembrance that “I am enough.”

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This course is welcoming to all, including people who identify as nonbinary, queer, trans, black, indigenous, latinx, POC, and more. If you have any concerns or there is a way I can support a more inviting space for you, please contact me:

There are several scholarship spots available. These spots are intended (and prioritized for) POC folx from marginalized communities. To apply for a Scholarship for the M.E. program, fill out this form.


I believe this program is truly packed with game-changing content that can improve every area of your life (yes, seriously). And because I'm longing for us to stop messing around with this "not-enough" narrative and step into our self-worth and belonging together, I'm sweetening the deal for you...

Bonus 1: free 1:1 coaching session
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What is ‘More than Enough’?

MTE is a 7-week live group coaching course for men and women ready to leave behind cycles of “not enough” and step into a lifestyle and lasting mindset of true, radical abundance in every area of their lives. It’s for those ready to claim their birthright of both having and being enough, taking a revolutionary stand for their sovereignty and worthiness as a human being on planet earth. We meet on Tuesday nights from 5-6:30pm PT beginning on September 7 and ending on October 19, 2021. All sessions will be recorded. You will receive a guidebook to support your journey for the 7 weeks and beyond!

What happens after I sign up?

After you register you'll receive a confirmation email and a digital receipt. Then on the morning of Monday, September 6, I’ll send another email which will include links to a welcome video from me, our private WhatsApp group (which will open that day), and all the information to join the Zoom webinar for our LIVE Classes and the Zoom meeting for our LIVE Labs. All information for the program will be sent to you via email, as well as through the What’s App thread.

What if I don’t have (or care to use) WhatsApp?

Participation in the WhatsApp thread is optional, though highly recommended!
We'll use that space to support and inspire each other between classes. It’s also a great way to get added accountability during the course, as you’ll have weekly challenges and creative prompts. If you choose to opt out of the WhatsApp thread, all our class info will be sent to you via email (including the guidebook and recordings). 

Do I get coaching support from Britta directly?

Britta is teaching the course, available for group coaching during the live Labs, and will answer questions and provide support via the WhatsApp group. If you desire more extensive, intimate 1:1 support from Britta, please book an exploratory call here.
(This program is included in Britta's private mentorship experience, FYI!)

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! The course is $597 when paid in full, or there are 2 payment plan options: 2 payments of $325 or 6 payments of $110 (for both these options, the first payment is made upon registration, and subsequent payments 30 days after).

What do I receive by making this investment?

5 x 90-minute live classes + 2 x 90-minute live Creative Coaching Labs with Britta, a guidebook with practical action steps to integrate what you're learning each week, a private WhatsApp community with all of the marvelous humans going through this program where you can ask questions and receive the support of others who are equally committed to the path of radical belonging through claiming their worth and “enoughness.”

Do you offer refunds?

No, I do not.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Email Britta at
Or, book a free Discover Your Truth session with Britta here.

  • Britta GreenViolet

    “Britta provides a beautifully deep, well curated, and supported experience into the depths of my own personal challenges in a way that is not only comfortable and enjoyable, but deeply nurturing and enveloping.”

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  • Britta GreenViolet

    “Britta is aligned with spirit— she is a graceful expression of the divine feminine. She has raised the bar for me in terms of how I carry myself in everyday life.”

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  • Britta GreenViolet

    “Britta is the perfect mix of goal-oriented, solution-focused pragmatism coupled with a deep respect for mystery and intuition that often bypasses rational cognition.”

    Gainesville, FL

  • Britta GreenViolet

    “Clearly, an idea we carry about ourselves can be undone with a little support and course-correction. Britta is a fantastic listener and draws from a wealth of life experience, passion, training, and compassion.”

    Santa Barbara, CA

Meet your guide, Britta GreenViolet

Britta GreenViolet -rocks

Britta is a Voice & Vision Mentor who guides men and women to courageously explore the edges of their expression and embody the power to pursue their true path.

The published author of “Eat Here Now: a bite-sized guide to ritualize your life, nourish your body and feed your spirit.”, Britta’s work is informed by over a decade of study, research and inquiry in the fields of leadership, embodiment, creative expression & communication, ministry, mindfulness, integrative nutrition, plant medicines, yoga, sound healing and music.

Rooted in the belief that we must feel our best in order to be our best, Britta’s lovingly-crafted offerings support you to embrace your ordinary and awaken your extraordinary (because you are an integral part of us). 

Learn more about Britta's work at

we begin on September 7th, dear one

Will you join us in taking a revolutionary stand for your own belonging and "enoughness"?









~ your investment ~
(choose from 3 options)


2 x payments of $325

6 x payments of $110

Register today!